tci flexplate installation instructions See Figure 3. Hang the exhaust loosely. These TCI flexplate safety shields are designed to protect both drivers and spectators from the effects of flexplate or starter ring failure. of room to conduct operations. CARiD is your top source for a vast selection of TCI torque converters, shifters, transmissions, flexplates and many other technologically-advanced products. Note: For use with a racing converter or GM Powerglide adapter. TTCCTC-TC ---BOLTBOLTBOLT- ---KITKKIITTKIT Bowler Performance Transmissions is committed to the perpetuity of the custom and hot rod market through education, inspiration, and collaboration with other automotive enthusiasts. 2) The flexplate to torque convertor bolts are quite short, and of a high grade. The depth of the TC stud pads should be 1/8" to 1/4" deeper than the distance from the engine block rear face to the the flexplate TC bolt holes: installed my new TCI torque converter today . After determining everything is in good shape, coat the surface of the converter hub with a film of automatic transmission fluid, and pour a quarter of transmission fluid into the converter. TCI flexplates are 0. The engine is 1990 5. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. We also picked up a zero-balance 168-tooth flexplate (PN 399273), a universal trans cooler (PN 820500), and Transmissions, Racing Transmissions, C4 Transmissions, C6 Transmissions, AOD Transmissions, AODE Transmissions, 5r55 Transmissions, Valve Bodies, Bellhousings, Torque Featuring performance engine part instructions, how-tos, and information. YEARONE Classic Car Parts for American Muscle Cars | Barracuda Cuda Challenger Charger Chevelle Road Runner Camaro Super Bee Dart Duster Valiant Firebird GTO Cutlass 442 Mustang Nova GM Truck Skylark GS Monte Carlo El Camino Mopar Chevy The service manual has the best description of this. Listen and feel for three distinct “clicks” as the torque converter engages each component (input shaft, stator support and pump rotor). 75 ID Buy TCI 411238 at JEGS: TCI Street Rodder Transmission Ford 1966-96 C6. Chevy G-Series THM400 Transmission 1982, Flexplate Safety Shield by TCI®. Adapter flexplates only work in conjunction with TCI adapter kits. Read the vehicles Owner's Manual for more important feature limitations and information. 2 flexplate or find a 4. Use the stock modulator retainer and bolt to hold it in place. 95 TCI Gen III/IV pilot extension 399753PE Summit Racing 29. TCI® assume no liability for any errors made in component selection or installation. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. Regardless, if you can't spin the TC behind the flexplate, it isn't seated. Install the supplied 12-Bolt flexplate. 68. Mount the flexplate to the spindle . Damper Instructions Super Damper® Installation 460 - OEM Flexplate, 1. Before you begin - let vehicle cool for about an hour. but i'll throw that shim and see how it works. That TC will slide on the input shaft allowing you to position it flush up to the flexplate prior to installing those bolts. If you want to bolt a TH350, TH400*, Powerglide, and 700R4 transmission up to your LS-Series engine, you need this kit. Topics range from how to properly measure a transmission and make correct adjustments, to reminders such as the benefits of reading the instructions and cleaning parts before installation. I bought a TCI 50 oz flexplate and went to install and have a question. Installing a 331-318AT into a Chrysler Imperial B&M® specializes in performance automatic transmissions, torque converters, SFI approved flexplates, legendary automatic shifters, precision manual shifters, and many other transmission products including cast deep aluminum transmission pans, transmission coolers, and automatic transmission fluid. 15. Uses stock or aftermarket starter. Just posting the findings. Measure the gap between the converter pilot to the straight edge. 2L engines from 1998 to present) engine swap is quickly becoming the new classic with GM musclecar You needed to move the convertor closer to the flexplate to tighten up the gap. Drain oil from transmission by removing the 164 Tooth Flexplate 1. 2015 SLIHRM M6. Remove the bolts as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 only (2) bolts in Figure 1. i have about 1/5 an inch of clearance from bendix to flexplate as it is now. The great thing about TCI is that you can do all your driveline shopping at one stop. TCI Automotive, Ashland, MS. D. I bought the tci trans shield and flexplate shield. I pulled the tranny down, installed new one, put tranny back up. THe OEM Bolts should have been more than sufficient for the convertor as they are some long sons of bitches for convertor bolts. "NOTE: These Supermatic torque converters will not fit 153 tooth (12. Shown here is a Teflon ring. 0). 8L through 6. 75 ID Neutrally Balanced TCI-399673 (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Pontiac SFI Flexplate-166 Tooth 2. 0 flexplates used incorrectly on 289/302's once or twice and it made a pretty bad vibration throughout the rpm range, not just high rpm's. Was hoping someone could post a link to the installation instructions for a whipple installation instructions. Stock replacement, stamped, heavy-duty flexplates are available for Ford, Chrysler and Chevy applications, while a complete line of . 224. TCI has conversion flexplates for automatic transmissions and kits that include the spacer and longer bolts. LATEST ARTICLES. Nov 11 2010, 1:08pm. 64. I checked the motor out and it was good all around (compression, leak down, no water in oil, etc). my car is built out of a frankenstein collection of used parts and i'm currently working through a few issues. It was a bit of a chore to get the transmission all the way in, but after a bit of a fight, I won. They feature an exclusive, flat 12-point head design and a larger-than-stock shank diameter for increased strength and improved register. Reverse. Man I wish I would of read this before buying my tci kit. I am installing a "86" 700R4 tranny behind a "70" SBC 350 with a two piece seal. I basically just wasted a 150. FAQ . 3’s & 6. 04 Nm - 10. bolt bell housing to engine bellhousing 3. 1 manufacturer certified. Finish: Red. Then proceed to to start and torque each bolt according to manufacturers specIfications. Description_DEF: Automatic Transmission Flexplate: Description_DES: Chrysler 8-Hole Crank Engine to Small Pattern GM Transmission Adapter TCI Automotive 399753 Chevrolet LS Flexplate; Small Bolt Pattern; 168 Tooth Count; Internal Balan. This part was top quality it fit perfect with no issues at all only Recommendation would be for TCI to give detailed instructions for installation. 224. 2 flexplate with a 10. Install the supplied 5/16-18 X 3/16 brass set screw shown in Figure C into the tapped hole, ensuring it is installed to a depth below the pump cover face. Not much room to remove them at the bottom, the access hole behind the turbo is where you install\remove bolts. M. Includes flexplate. The TC slides in 2 to 3 steps. REMOVAL. Flex plate direction. Torque Converters in many levels for 700R4, 4L60E, 4L80E, 6L80E, 46RE, 47RE, 48RE, AOD & many others. DO NOT trust your “feel”: Use a torque wrench! These instructions and the images herein are proprietary. I bolted mine together on a long low workbench. Step 2 Install the TCI flexplate. This flexplate is a neutral balance unit designed for use with internally balanced engine applications. If your installing a new transmission and converter, skip to . Bolt torque converter to flexplate WITH SPACERS INSTALLED BETWEEN FLEXPLATE AND TORQUE CONVERTER. Install the starter closure ring and starter. Step 3 Install starter and check for proper alignment with the ring gear teeth. TCI’s design does not require this stock item. Everything seemed If the converter won't spin behind the flexplate, it isn't fully seated. INGLESE™ EIGHT STACK SYSTEM W/ EZ-EFI 2. The Super StreetFighter offers both manual and automatic shift options to give you the power and shifts you want for the strip or easy driving for the street. Raise vehicle and support on jack stands. Take a look at 5. /lbs. Does not Include: speedometer driven gear. Using the highest quality TCI manufactured components, each Street Rodder package is equipped with an automatic valve body and Valve Body Performance Improvement Kit that allow you to achieve firmer, yet not too harsh shifts while remaining fully automatic and retaining the Their Chevy stamped flexplates are built . Performance Torque Converters for GM, Ford and Dodge from PATC. 0® Induction Systems may look like classic Weber induction, but these technically advanced systems deliver increased performance, cold starts and drivability for your street rod, muscle car or restored classic. It's a good range for our street use, and if we want more boost on the So, when bolting an older transmission like a Powerglide, TH350, TH400, 2004-R, or early 700-R4 to an LS engine, there will be a 0. From initial inspection to checking depth clearance, this video covers a the flexplate in a manner similar to actual use and allow it to be attached rigidly and concentrically. 666 will also benefit from the use of a RollStop Solenoid (Part number 861100) to From the blog. This new street/race shifter includes all components needed for installation in nearly every GM application. Torque flexplate-to-crankshaft bolts to 100 ft-lbs in a criss-cross pattern. If the converter is locked or very close to the flexplate, remove the transmission and check for proper installation of the converter. Alright, so a few months back I threw a rod in my 3. 8. 1994 Sport, so I did take out the four flexplate bolts - I think I have all the evidence I need - the assembly kept grinding as I was trying to rotate it. Find our best fitting flywheel and flex plate bolts for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! Further research online and with a couple of mechanics leads me to my quandary. 5-2020) Hopkins 47275 Electronic Brake Control Installation Kit. Step 11 Install the O. 4L, Set of 8 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CHEVY STARTERS 7501 Straw Plains Pike • Knoxville, TN 37924 865. The flexplate is only about 80 thou thick tin plate, while the manual flywheel is about 0. 0 LQ9’s will need a spacer a longer bolts to be added behind the flexplate as they came with a “dished” flexplate for the 4L60e / 4L65e transmissions. A case fill or pan fill C4 transmission can be used with this bell and all hardware is included. FAQ the case has been cut, align the flexplate bolt holes and install unit. As the car's flex plate corrodes from exposure, the unit can become damaged and fail. 00 dollars. Choose from 1 Flywheels & Flexplates products and you’ll have your 2014 Chrysler Town & Country back on the road in no time. 2) Not lining up the torque converter drain plug, if present, with the hole in the flex plate. Make sure that the flexplate slides over the crankshaft pilot diameter (not tight on it). 57 mm] bead width) on the crankcase surface. Flexplate Safety Shields are designed to protect both drivers and spectators from the effects of a flexplate or starter ring gear failure. 0 and 6. Designed for the extreme high performance street or all out race car, these Full Manual Competition Transmissions will give you consistent shifts as well as complete control over shift points. Enjoy!upda TCI® - Transmission Build TCI® - Automatic Transmission Dimensions TCI® - Installation Instructions TCI® - Catalog TCI Authorized Dealer $1,322. TCI Circlematic Transmission, Manual/REV/No Clutch. 0. The case, bellhousing, and tailhousing are cast from 356T6 cast aluminum. Connect all external wiring, hoses, and linkages to the transmission, transfer case, and mount the neutral safety switch and linkage. In this installation of the AMD 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396, a TCI 4L80E transmission is installed for some drivetrain The 4x Four-Speed transmission will come with written instructions from TCI, but the company wanted to take things a step further and created this installation video. The engine has been completely re-built with a new Scat crank and all. The engine has an early 302 crank in it with a 28 OZ imbalance. 5) Install all three bolts finger tight. TCI makes it easy to adapt this proven transmission to your small block Ford V8 engine by including the exact bellhousing, a special adapter flexplate, pilot adapter, dipstick and other accessories in a complete package. I installed the engine in the car. Confirm the min/max clearance between each connecting point before you start any bolts. This transbrake has a reversed shift pattern: PRN123. he TCI 6X transmission is the world’s first automatic capable of handling 850 horsepower, and uses the latest developments in drivetrain technology for pro-touring, street, and all-out race vehicles. The flexplate is a basic 168 tooth from summit and I've started it with just the flexplate and it didn't have any issues and i inspected it before installation so I don't think it's bent. I haven't connected the TC to the flexplate yet. IT IS NOW FIXED. 75") flexplates. LSX Performance Parts. i'm getting quite a bit Details. 8L, 5. This bellhousing is CNC machined to accept the 157 or 164 tooth flexplates and starters thus eliminating any guesswork for the retailer and end user. In the video, you’ll see each step of the installation process performed, plus TCI also sprinkles in some good tips to help make the process easier. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act: Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act TCI® assume no liability for any errors made in component selection or installation. T. 8,5. 157 Tooth Flexplate 1. This way you don’t put any part of the torque converter assembly in a bind. Place rear mounting brackets in position and secure with original bolts as shown in Figure 1 & Figure 2. W. bolts to engine, pry trans. Step 12 DO NOT bolt stock detent plate on Trans-Brake valve body. 00 Base Price + Add $79 (2010-2012 68RFE Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade) + Add $99 (68RFE ZeroStat Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass 2013-18) + Add $399 (68RFE Billet Flexplate 2007. The GM Gen III/IV (4. 1 manufacturer certified. Flexplate Safety Shield (940003) by TCI®. 035 in. 07 In Stock (1) - Ships in 24 to 48 hrs This video will walk you through the proper steps,and procedures for making sure your transmission,torque converter,and flex plate are installed correctly. Installation Instructions and Technical Guides. There was no instructions whatsoever. Compare the two measurements that you have taken. This will help the Installation Do's, and Don'ts The TCI literature pack contains a good list of precautions to be taken during the installation and break-in of your new transmission. Install the cross member and transmission mount. Infact I compare my genuine flex plate & the flex plate from TH400 , it's the same design (toyota flex plate) & the set block from the new T/C are bolt one in this flex plate. Tighten them down in a progressive manner not exceeding 3 turns at a time. thx. Torque the universal joint strap bolts to 27 ft/lb. Disconnect battery. E. STEP #10: Clean pan and install with a new pan gasket. 0 motor. 281. 3,5. 1 Certification Sticker Drain plug replacement (1/8” NPT x 5/16” L) (SB & BB Ford ONLY) Step 1 Clean and inspect all parts (verify that the serial number on the sticker matches the number engraved on the flexplate). Started to 2nd guess the direction of the flexplate. Use the longer of the small brackets on left side of transmission. Chevrolet Infotainment 3 System functionality varies by model. 3L & 6. 0 LS1/LS6-series V8 engines. Ensure flexplate is the correct size and will bolt to torque converter. 0 for GM LS CATHEDRAL PORT HEADS NG4089E. I’m going to be using a bd flex plate that I have laying around the shop. The TC will always pull up tight to the flexplate as there in nothing that holds the TC into the tranny. Spin the torque converter and push in towards the transmission. An automatic transmission bellhousing compatible with the flexplate and shield. This Install three flexplate to converter nuts and bolts as required. STEP 3. Take a look to see some of the most popular flexplates TCI® has to o I have had to remove the TCI Streetfighter AOD from my 1988 Mustang GT and I am taking the opportunity to upgrade the flex plate and mounting hardware. 375" Crank Pilot 915241 Ford manual is recommended. 0L LQ9 ENGINES: Most, if not all 5. I'm pretty sure TCI can handle the speedo calibrations. If your flexplate has slotted holes rather than round holes, put a washer under the head of the bolt. 7. 110” to . Pete I'm guessing that because the 4L60E uses a reluctor wheel and pick-up based speed sensor, rather than do the drive/driven gear install they opted for the DD unit. Failure to do this right may damage your transmission. was established in 1989 as a two-man operation in the back of a transmission shop. bolt flexplate/TC assy to flywheel 6 bolts 3. the biggest issue that is keeping me off road is that i have a new engine ('87 HO for a manual transmission) with a 28oz flexplate turning a who-knows-what C4. This ring will give the exact depth needed for the torque converter. 500 in. The 6L80 transmission has a very specific fill procedure that must be followed precisely in order slide the “True Billet” flexplate onto the crank and see that it sits flat up against the crank and that the bolt holes line up visually as you would expect. Be sure valve body sits flat before tightening. • Dislocate the piston ring joint so that (1) is 1st ring, (3) is 2nd ring and (2) is oil ring, as shown in the drawing. 5953 (fax) 865. 82:1 Low Gear Ratio TCI GM 168-Tooth Internal Balance Flexplate. -lbs. Installation Instructions After determining everything is in good shape, coat the surface of the converter hub with a film of automatic transmission fluid, and pour a quarter of transmission fluid into the converter. The higher you raise it, the easier it is to work under. It’s a two-minute job to program the EZ-TCU. $23. This means there are no I've seen 50oz 5. JEGS carries transmission shields from B&M, CSR, Hughes, TCI and more! A 6. Hey there! I was just wanting to know if there is some way to tell if the TC is still hooked up to the pump after If you go with the solid spring and the blue spring per TransGo’s instructions, lay the washer in first (as shown here). 2. 4 out of a flooded 4Runner. For detailed r/r for the transmission get a workshop manual. While it was quite rusted Hughes Performance specializes in rebuilding and repairing transmissions and torque converters. 1 approved. Check the engine’s rear main seal for signs of a leak. TCI Automotive 240901 Breakaway Converter, 1965-91 TH350/400 made by TCI Automotive, for as low as $400. 650 inches ( –. Step 4 Install torque converter into transmission. Carefully install the converter while supporting the weight to avoid damage to the front pump seal. If the gap is to large the TC will still bolt up but will pull the TC out of the oil pump. Pull converter off slightly, then push it on again, rotating it at the same time. See Figure D. thicker than stock from high-tensile strength materials with extra welding to help retain the starter ring gear, and to withstand the stress of high-rpm engines and high-stall converters. CSR makes 2 types to fit your tranny. K. I have a 79 malibu and this crap just wouldnt fit for nothing. This 700R4-based transmission features an SFI-spec adapter bellhousing for easy installation of the transmission behind a 8-Bolt Ford Mod engine. Ready for intermediate pressure plate install. 95 Hughes SFI flexplate, 168-tooth HP4004 Summit Racing 129. (168-tooth flexplate) Notes. I bought a TCI flexplate with 50 oz imbalance 157 tooth from summit. Do not use antiseize compound on these fasteners. 140″ thick Chrysler and Ford flexplates with GM and Ford bolt patterns are available for use with adapter plate kits. 035" thicker than stock, and the starter ring is welded to both sides of the flywheel for additional strength. Most flexplates on the market have the ring gear that is welded on one side, but TCI has taken the extra step of performing the welds on both sides of this thicker-than-stock piece. 0 measures out at 33. 400-inch gap between the flexplate and the torque converter. Q: 3. 700R4, 4L60E Super StreetFighter Transmissions feature a TCI Constant Pressure Valve Body to ensure that clutches and bands are applied firmly to eliminate slippage. 625" bolt pattern to match all the torque converters that I can find for the 4R70W. @ 496Blazer The starter came with the car's original engine, a 350 and i swapped it over when i built the 383 thats in there now. The big question is did you put some trans fluid in the converter before the install? Properly installed you will have to pull the torque converter slightly out to the flex plate with the mounting hardware (nuts and studs or bolts depending on converter type). Every other billet flex plate I’ve installed says to toss the ring and shim or pump/ converter damage will occur. Once installed there generally needs to be a 1/8″ to 3/16″ gap between the flexplate and converter before bolting the two together. Remove Center Support Ring Remove the second ring from the center support assembly. Does the counterweight on the flexplate "line up" with the one on the balancer, or does it "oppose" it? I was pretty sure there's no way to install the flexplate the wrong way, but I'm having second thoughts. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act: Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act Depending on what vehicle your engine came from, you may or may not need an adapter or flexplate modification. 2. I would pull the tranny and bolt the TC to the flex plate to confirm it will bolt up tight and determine if there is an interference issue causing the The vehicle's flex plate is an essential part of your driveshaft. Dual bolt patterns: stock LS-Series and small GM bolt pattern. GM LS1 Engine Kit Install Guide 88959384 Scoggin-Dickey 9. Loctite® and torque the bolts to sixty (60) foot-pounds. The Victor Jr. The AMD project car has been through some problems since we last updated. tci expects you to beat the crap out of your car and cut up everything but their hunk of junk shield. 3 PROCEDURE . Read instructions before starting. - Secures Flexplate to Crankshaft - OE Direct-Fit Replacements - Durable Construction. If "A" is not greater than "B", converter is not installed properly. LS1 features a flange that accepts a square-bore carburetors. e. This new street/race shifter includes all components needed for installation in nearly every GM application. STEP #11: Replace shift linkage (large piece) and tighten bolt. From reading around, I see some "hang" the TC on the transmission, then mate the transmission to engine, then finally install the TC bolts. 1. 3800 stall converter 4l80e, so after pricing all the components it will only cost me $1,644 bucks for a 4L80E swap with a tci RMVB w/transbrake,a 3200 stall converter and a dennys driveshaft good to 750 hp. com FIGURE 1 [CONT’D ON REVERSE SIDE] DISTANCE AWG 3’ 2 1 0 00 5’ 7’ 10’ +10’ 4 RING GEAR PINION (0. One-piece flexplates from TCI Transmissions, Racing Transmissions, C4 Transmissions, C6 Transmissions, AOD Transmissions, AODE Transmissions, 5r55 Transmissions, Valve Bodies, Bellhousings, Torque TV Cable Connection: If you are retrofitting your Monster 700R4/2004R transmission in place of a different model transmission (i. for those of you thinking of doing this swap here is some sound advise "DO YOUR RESEARCH" Read the vehicles Owner's Manual for more important feature limitations and information. TCI® Automotive . 11. Marry the TC to the flywheel taking care not to let the TC slide off its indexed position. The TCI Diablo Shifter is one of the most versatile shifters on the market today. 2 flexplates. Constructed from a high tensile strength material these flexplates resist elongation and cracking. TH-350 or TH-400) it is imperative that you follow the TV Cable bracket fabrication instructions. Blacked out, Holden badges, center caps w/ black powder coated rims and airbag. I requested a new shim kit from MSD a while back and probably have extras in the envelope that i didnt install at the time. Installation of the included limiter plug provides the necessary valve clearance for high-performance camshafts while retaining the benefits of VVT technology. 66 Manufactured - Ships in 5 to 7 days Notes. 399753 Scoggin-Dickey 192. Still could be the wrong balance flexplate, just noting what I've personally seen. You will always want to use bolts intended for extreme duty. TCI® 4x Four-Speed™ Auto Transmissions enable the use of a 700R4 transmission with non-GM applications. For Turbo 350, Turbo 400*, and 700R4 transmission application. 4 flexplate on the 6. When swapping cases, clean and inspect all Use angled feeler gauges and a caliper to measure the distance between the torque converter pad and each flexplate bolt hole. I just wanted to make sure before I went any Some bolt a small box wrench to the bell during removal and installation to securely retain the TC from bumping out of place. 0L Coyote motor swap with an automatic transmission, this set of eight flexplate bolts from Ford is necessary for your project. Chevrolet’s simple solution for this was a steel spacer placed between the crankshaft flange and a flat LS flexplate. Step 2 . Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 6 Flexplate installation is generally straightforward. bolted to flexplate with no problem. No problem. Apply a continuous bead of Loctite (. CSR Trans Flex Plate Shield - Save yourself some grief and buy the trans flex plate shield, the short version, from CSR (previously CSI). ” It’s a two-minute job to program the EZ-TCU. Warranty TCI® 230001 Kit Contains: Qty. Well scratch Advance - the APT flexplate that came in was the same thing that Summit sent (except lacking paint and cheaper). When you pull the engine or trans back out, put a straight edge across the bell housing. You can use washers (preferably precision ground ones) between the converter and flex plate if necessary. Ensure the lugs of the direct drum are engaged with the sun shell. Went to install the new bolts through the flexplate into the converter, and the holes are too small! Im using a TCI streetfighter (3000-3500 stall) which has the bolts go through the plate and thread into the converter ears instead of using a nut/bolt. Apply locking compound to the threads and torque bolts to 58 ft-lbs. • Install rear gasket • Install TCI rear plate • Install aluminum housing Step 10 Reinstall servo tube in valve body. 1 Flexplate ( 399757) ---Refer to factory service manual for torque converter removal and installation procedures. Pour at least 1 quart of clean ATF slowly into the torque converter. Stock, OEM type will NOT work properly. ” The EZ-TCU handles parameters like shift RPM, firmness, and a full manual mode; it can also interface with optional paddle or pushbutton tap shifters. com/ Tips and tricks for installing a new TCI® torque converter. You may need to shim the starter for proper clearance. So I'm wondering how can I use a smaller converter with more stall for my new build if I can't find a smaller converter with the same bolt pattern as a 4. This will help ease the installation of 7/16” torque converter bolts by overcoming any tolerance stack-up between The instructions contain the answers to most tech questions. TCI Chevy stamped flexplates are . Performance – 10. TCI’s SFI-approved flexplate features extra welds all the way around both sides. Does not Include: Dipstick, Torque Converter, Transbrake. tciauto. The shop tested both flexplate and found them to be different. “TCI offers the EZ-TCU that includes a handheld interface to allow programming without a laptop. 1. 5. Please excuse us while we're in the process of building our new web store. TCI Product Manager Scott Miller and technical expert Will Vance both appear on-screen during the three-minute video to provide advice and how-to demonstrations. 2005-2016 Scion TC Flywheel Flex Plate Manual OEM 05-16 (Fits: Toyota Camry) Flywheel/Flex TCI PRO-X Powerglide Transmission has been proven in drag cars running 6. Includes a 2 wire solenoid. The individual steps or procedures What i would suggest connect the TCI saperate from the Dakota. flywheel or flexplate. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New First remove convertor bolts an slide convertor back, next remove trans. this is transgo 46-mod kit and it is to be used with 4l60e 1993 thru 2009. Later models are more unified. I can’t see why the bd Line up the new torque converter studs with the holes in the flex-plate. Ensure that the torque converter stays with the transmission Do this by removing the torque converter bolts to the flex plate before the transmission is moved back. 8. I just got my motor forged with a 6 bolt crank and I am trying to find the TCI part number for the flexplate for the 6 bolt crank to stock converter. It should really help and it looks cool. You may need to cut transmission case in location B & C for Turbo. Lubricate the bearing surface of the hub and slide the torque converter onto the transmission. Plus, when you shop with Advance Auto Parts, you’re shopping among top auto parts brands. The TC to flex plate bolts are on the front of the flex plate towards the engine and they come out towards the engine. Install it with the depression facing the trans. For stock or mild performance, buzzing around at high rpm requires the confidence of TCI forged flexplates Title: C:TA Files 8-18-14TA InstructionConvertersTF Converter BoltsConverter & Flexplate Instructions2-17-17. The spacer properly positions the flexplate and supports the converter hub. 95. Guaranteed lowest price! Save $10 off $299, $20 off $699, $30 off $899, $100 off $1,899 Orders Monster Transmission Ships Free inside the USA TransGo Jr Shift Kit: 700R4 Transmission 1985-UP I have tried to find the exact part number but to nothing I can confirm. 95 Hughes crankshaft adapter HP3795 Summit Racing 43. Length Ford 1992-20011, 4. Now you can speed down the track with the confidence of TCI machined SFI-approved flexplates. 3, 5. The Inglese™ EZ-EFI 2. David This is an AOD, but the concept is the same. Depending on the model concerned, the following pictograms may be on your machine. TCI’s installation instructions call for a minimum of 1/8" but no more than 3/16" of converter movement. This may require considerable effort. For a 28. Apply LocTite 242 or 262 to the threads of the torque converter bolts, and torque the TC bolts to 45 ft/lb. Once the TC has been clocked the tranny should rotate. Last edited: Feb 19, 2015 The new TCI 6X Automatic Transmission Conversion Kit (271701P38) is easy to install as it bolts right up to your SBF engine like a stock transmission. It was dual bolt pattern with 11 x 5/16 inch and 10 x 3/8 inch - so back it went. Description Two (2) 3/8" x 3/4" Button Head Cap Screws One (1) Adapter Plate Three (3) Converter Spacers Two (2) 3/8" Flat Washers TCI® TURBO ADAPTER PLATE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Step 1 Position the TCI® adapter plate on the back of the engine with the attached nuts facing the engine. TCI® 4x Four-Speed™ Auto Transmissions enable the use of a 4L80E transmission with non-GM applications. LS1 intake manifold is a high-rise single-plane intake capable of supporting up to 600 hp. Pro Series bolts 10mm x 1. Whether you are installing a TCI or any other transmission, these tips are a good reference. It's made of kevlar, its low profile, light and easy to install. 050 inches) from the transmission mounting surface and attach the tachometer at an Not absolutely necessary to remove either engine or transmission. Drums installed in the transmission case. Once you have the right combination of 2-3 shift accumulator springs and washer/spacer in the bore, install the cover and verify the proper seating of the C-clip. You’ll most likely need longer bolts as well. There for if you install a 6. It fits door cars with no or little clearance. This transmission is the same basic overall length as the Powerglide or Turbo 350 automatics, uses standard flexplates, and uses the same 27-spline slip-yoke as a 'Glide or a TH350. First remove convertor bolts an slide convertor back, next remove trans. 453”). 688. 5. Ken Wall · Registered. The car and the engine were both manual as I had to pull the pilot bearing. Any unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. (Note: Be careful not to bend the brake Race safely with TCI's newest addition to their extensive flexplate line . SFI 29. . Phone: 662. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 6 Is it possible to install the stock flexplate backwards or does it only go on one way? I aligned all the holes on the flexplate to the crank and torqued the bolts. 140" thick and built to handle even the toughest applications. pmd Author: Paul Created Date: 2/17/2017 11:21:31 AM TCI Diablo Shifter With Cover 620002 - Includes Buttons. 035-inch thicker than stock and have the Installation Instructions NOTICE – The ATI SuperCase is SFI 4. Spin the torque converter at the same time to help align the input shaft and stator splines. Also I noticed contact if not rubbing between the flexplate and the rear of the oil pan - any idea what this gap should be? remove the transmission. 69 - $3,220. On my SBC w/2004R installation, I installed and torqued the TC to the flex plate, then mated the transmission. It is permissible to lightly and evenly open up the bore on the flexplate to make it slide. The instructions that came with the flex plate say to reinstall shim and the clamping ring. 020 - 0. Yep, I did everything in the manual: 1. 115” converter charge orifice thru the set screw. This version requires no vacuum hookups or kickdown linkage. 035" thicker than stock and the starter ring is welded to both sides of the flexplate for additional strength. Install pilot adapter to crankshaft pilot. I Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. • SFI 29. Install front and rear drive shafts (match-marked). These certifications are valid for a period of 5 years. i'll look for it. 3) The four bellhousing to block bolts (or six on US 250's) are of two UNC sizes. 151 Industrial Dr. If your Monster Transmission 700R4/2004R is replacing an original 700R4/2004R then skip to Step 2. 8, 5. Adjust linkage to be sure that shifter is selecting all gears properly. Drag Race Full Manual Automatic Transmission Assembly by TCI®. Install the 4 TC nuts onto the TC studs and install the bellhousing bolts. 70 seconds at 220+ mph! The secret to the success of the PRO-X Powerglide Transmission is in the high-quality internal components designed and engineered after years of in-the-field testing. Unit bolts to the transmission case. I dropped the motor in with the flex-plate that came with it. Thanks, Also any other venders part numbers are also welcome. The torque TCI® offers flexplates for street use for popular Chrysler, Ford and Chevy applications. If bolts were supplied with your torque converter be sure to use them. All Revmax components with a billet Revmax converter. transgo new 46-mod 4l60e 4l65e 4l70e 4l75e vacuum modulator kit 1993 thru 2009. GM Performance Parts for the lowest prices on the web. Bolt torque converter to flexplate WITH SPACERS INSTALLED BETWEEN FLEXPLATE AND TORQUE CONVERTER. I got the triple thud as the splines engaged. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New I think I may have a problem. 0 Resto's full line of Performance Automatic Racing's C4 & AOD transmission assemblies that will handle all the horsepower you throw at them! . Match up the holes in the gold spacer ring to the front of your C-4 transmission. Year 1969-1986 This is a complete transbrake ready to install in your transmission. Proven LS Horsepower. 25" thick cast iron. View online or download Husqvarna TC 250 2011 Workshop Manual, Specifications - Operation - Maintenance Edelbrock part #29087 Victor Jr. Be careful not to ding the adapter, as doing so could prevent the converter from sliding into position. Ashland, MS 38603 . The manual says to then install the engine with flywheel attached and once the engine is bolted to the bell housing, then line up the bolt holes on the flywheel with the bolt holes in the flex plate, install and torque bolts. 7, 6. install shuttle using 2 cut off bolts to act as guide pins I had to turn the torque converter some to allow the shuttle to seat against the bellhousing, but it Forged from aerospace alloy and heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining, ARP bolts are the only bolt to use. 0 engine you will have some vibration. Husqvarna TC 250 2011 Pdf User Manuals. Continue to do this until you feel the converter move inward and stop at proper engagement. The fully mechanical 4x Four-Speed™ Auto Transmission, non-electronic 700R4-based also includes an adapter flexplate, transmission cooler, dipstick and all necessary hardware. Flexplates are . You must use a crankshaft spacer, such as the Hughes Performance, TCI, or GM spacer and bolts, or a custom converter must be made with a longer-crank hub. The fix plate & bolt plate are need if only if you want to install TH400 instead of manual gearbox. The original 6. If there is more than 3/16", be sure to use the proper shims between the mounting pad and the flexplate! 5. Torque Converter installation. This part was top quality it fit perfect with no issues at all only Recommendation would be for TCI to give detailed instructions for installation. bolt flexplate to torque converter (center it) 6 bolts 2. Powerglide Transmission Shield (SFI) Installation Sheet. From F-body to Corvette, Sierra to Silverado, G8 to GTO, we carry everything for making power with your LS or Gen V Ride! Whether your transmission is noisy, going out, or you are doing a manual to auto swap, we have the right high performance automatic transmission for your Mustang. back off of dowel pins, engine and trans. 69 And now for the Manual Transmissions: Pioneer Flexplate FRA-100; 168 Tooth INT Steel for 1966-1987 Chevy 283-350 SBC (Fits: Chevrolet Chevelle) 5 out of 5 stars (15) 15 product ratings - Pioneer Flexplate FRA-100; 168 Tooth INT Steel for 1966-1987 Chevy 283-350 SBC TCI Flexplate 399373; 168 Tooth EXT SFI 29. COMP Cams® LST™ Blower Cams & Cam Packages for GM LS Engines. STEP #9: With valve body in place, install ten valve body bolts and tighten to 8-10 ft. A scattershield is a small investment for the safety you get in return. Bought a low milage 3. Check for proper converter “pullback” using a straight edge across the face of the transmission and measure per instructions. If you look at the center of the flex-plate, where it bolts to the crank, you'll notice that it is depressed as well. The leader in drivetrain technology TCI Flexplate gm 6. 2012-2015 Camaro ZL1 LSA Flexplate by TCI #399756 SFI Approved Chevy LSA Flexplate FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CONVERSION - When retrofitting the 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 for racing with an automatic transmission, the TCI®GM LSA Flexplate is a must. Drill out a new . The TCI flexplate (PN 399753) slides into place and gives us peace of mind thanks to its heavy-duty construction and SFI approval. back off of dowel pins, engine and trans. GM 350 Crate engine proper flex-plate installation. HP Series Billet Stator Torque Converter Converter Diameter - 258mm This is a modified factory converter with billet stator. Car Brake Instructions: Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Installation Instructions For 1962-67 & 1968-74 Nova / 1967-69 Camaro / 1964-72 Chevelle - PDF. Cannot be used as OEM replacements. Remove and replace the flex plate as you would a flywheel. What makes this bellhousing so unique is that it is part of the Performance Automatic Pro Fit System. Transmission shields are made to help shield the driver from tranny parts in the event of a transmission failure. SFI 29. I also purchased a new flex plate and B&M 2600 stall torque converter for this installation. Take the converter to flexplate mounting bolts and thread them into the converter bolt holes. Constructed from the same A514 Blanchard ground steel and neutral balanced with 168-tooth (Chevy) and 166-tooth (Pontiac) starter rings. There used to be "manual" and "automatic" Ford starters. Install either a new crankcase cover "O" ring and 7-14 lightly oil if one was originally used, or apply Loctite # gasket sealant eliminator (Tecumseh part # 510334) to the crankcase surface to seal the crankcase cover. 0 with 50 oz balancer so that should all work together. TCI® Automotive . NOTE: This Flexplate Shield will NOT fit a Turbo 2004R or a dual pattern TH-350. J. 3L and 6. -TCI 6L80 Billet SFI 29. The Tom Monroe book on small block engines mentions to be sure to put the load spreader ring on the flexplate before installingthe flexplate bolts TCI® SFI 29. K. The adapter is a tight fit; lightly tap it in to place until flush with crankshaft. Flexplates are . Note that in many circumstances, one will choose to install a transmission that is native to the conversion engine being installed, and that transmission can then be adapted to the Jeep transfer case. There was no instructions whatsoever. If you are performing a new 2011-2014 5. Step 10: Finish installation of the transmission. 0 RH, . Install torque converter bolts, using Red Loctite or equivalent and torque to specification. Check the fluid on the dipstick after installation per as specified in the installation instructions. MS 192 T, MS 192 TC English 2 Pictograms The meanings of the pictograms attached to or embossed on the machine are explained in this manual. 3 in/oz which equals 163 grams flexplate The C4 is a rebuilt that I got locally. 1 approved and internal TCI Flexplate gm 6. I just installed a TCI converter last week, instructions said a minumum of 1/8" to a maximum of 3/16" movement before bolting up to the flexplate so you are fine. Install the 12-Bolt Torque Converter into the transmission. Note: Partially fill the torque converter Adapter includes complete instructions for modification of your transmission and for alignment of the adapter to your transmission, flexplate, hub spacer, and fasteners. Step 1 . Place the ring on the pump. 0. They suggested the TCI Streetfighter converter with a stall between 3,000 and 3,400 rpm, along with a TCI LS1 flexplate. 4 OEM flexplate are not balanced the same. We like to rotate the engine so the flex plate holes are at 3,6,9, and 12 o’clock positions, then do the same on the converter. Installation Instructions 1. If you do not get complete engagement, the input shaft will not turn when you install the pump and begin to tighten it. I have an early flexplate with 28 OZ imbalance, it is a Pioneer flexplate. Call today and talk with our knowledgeable sales staff. 2 oz-in imbalance application, in theory one can use any 221, 260, 289, 351C, 351W, or 19681980 302 flywheel or flexplate (but not one intended for a production 19812001 302). 9. 7,6. 9. Phone: 662. 035" thicker than stock and the starter ring is welded to both sides of the flexplate for additional strength. 4950/5154FBB2 & 5154FBB4 - Instructions for 1949-50 & 1951-54 Chevy Car Brake Pedal Bracket & Power Brake Kits - PDF BTE SFI Flexplate Kit Contains: 1 Flexplate 1 SFI 29. Also, does the flexplate "cup" over the crank? Engine Factory of Lebanon, New Jersey offers a word of advice on flywheel installation for Bowtie applications using a few different GM automatic transmissions, and from what they tell us it’s of paramount importance to be sure that your flex plate is fully-adaptable to the rest of your drivetrain. will drop down kinda wedged against each other at top (picture opening a double barrel shotgun while holding upside down, will be open at bottom and tight at top) this will leave you just enough room to get your hands/fingers held flat to reach the flexplate bolts, using a long box end wrench on flywheel bolts one at a time held by finger, hit the end Flex plate direction. What a all out piece of garbage. bolts to engine, pry trans. Continue to follow the other transmission installation instructions as normal. When finished, add 4 quarts of ATF and start the engine – now add 2-3 more quarts immediately. Joined Sep 11, 2003 · 140 Posts . ) The case still accepts the rear oil pump if you care to install it for Circle Track cars. Keeping my fingers crossed. Just got done building my trans. TCI also offers stock replacement, stamped, heavy-duty flexplates for popular Chrysler, Ford and Chevy applications. Engineered to prevent runout, ring gear bounce and other damaging problems, these flexplates offer GMC CK Pickup Automatic Transmission 1997, Circlematic™ Automatic Transmission Assembly by TCI®. Continue to follow the other transmission installation instructions as normal. Kit includes: dual bolt pattern SFI rated flexplate this video will help you understand why you do not tighten down your bolts all the way when you have a bolt pattern until after all the bolts are. A flexplate shield is mandatory in many classes and types of racing and fits over the front part of the transmission bellhousing. 10. 1 approved • Made from Billet Steel Plate • Lightweight design for quick engine response When installing 7/16” bolts to attach the torque converter to the flexplate we recommend that you first enlarge the torque converter bolt holes in the flexplate to an inside diameter of 29/64” (. Note: Installation Instructions. Remove the stock modulator valve from the case and replace it with the TCI brake valve and spring. Ken Wall · Registered. 1 Steel for 1970-1980 Chevy 400 SBC SunCoast Converters, Inc. Our 2014 Chrysler Town & Country Flywheels & Flexplates products start for as little as $80. Install flexplate, and torque flexplate bolts to engine manufacturer spec. Here is the collection of Jeep-native or conversion transmissions that can be mixed and matched into your powertrain. 95 TCI Gen III/IV flexplate w/ext. 7 Nm), or on engines with studs instead of bolts: push the cylinder down to a depth where the nuts can be started on the studs. 1 Flexplate for Dodge Gen III HEMI Engines. The “B&M Torque Converter Installation Instructions for General Motors TH-350, TH-400, & Powerglide” states under Step 15: “If your flexplate is new or in good condition the converter may not contact the flexplate before if bottoms out in the crankshaft. You must use the 168 tooth (14") flexplate for your application. TCI also offers externally-balanced Small Block Ford to GM Transmission Adapter Flexplates that feature a built-in pilot adapter and a dual bolt pattern for a simple bolt-on installation. The ATI Bellhousing is SFI 30. 8972 . Joined Sep 11, 2003 · 140 Posts . Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices. Download How-To instructions for replacement parts on Delco Remy Starters & Alternators. 035) INSERT WIRE GAUGE HERE FIGURE 2 CABLE RECOMMENDATIONS 1/16” OR MORE $4,495. 0L LS based engines. 6) Torque all three bolts to 25 ft-lbs. Why did they install the Dakota did he do a rear gear change. Place the bellhousing on the front of the C-4 and torque the supplied bolts to 45 ft. A. Hi, I am putting a c4 into my original 66 mustang with a 1990 5. http://www. Technology & Trends. TCI offers a complete line of Chrysler and Ford flexplates with GM and Ford bolt patterns for use with their adapter plate kits as well as neutral balanced flexplates with 168-tooth and 166-tooth starter rings for Chevy and Pontiac applications. (Non-TCI® dragster type shorty housings may need a minor modification to clear the boss on the rear of the case. Ashland, MS 38603 . TCI Circlematic Powerglide Transmission, 1. manual control valve in valve body. This will increase the stall speed approximately 1000 rpm over stock, to around 3000-3200 rpm. will drop down kinda wedged against each other at top (picture opening a double barrel shotgun while holding upside down, will be open at bottom and tight at top) this will leave you just I have a nice new TCI flexplate, 50oz balance, 157tooth. (I repeatily took it out and reinsert the TC until I got a feel to how it seats properly). Engine Mechanical (4HK1-TC) 6A-109. Apply locking compound to the threads and torque bolts to 58 ft-lbs. This 4L80E-based transmission features an SFI-spec adapter bellhousing for easy installation of the transmission behind a 8-Bolt Ford Mod en TCI Diablo Shifter Without Cover 620003 - No Buttons. Mandatory in many classes of the NHRA, IHRA, and IMCA, each flexplate shield is manufactured from high-strength steel and certified to SFI specifications. W The converter must be free to move at least 1/8" to no more than 3/16" to contact the flexplate. All I can find is stock 4. 8972 . The transmission is a fresh th350 I had rebuilt by the best local transmission builder and converter is a summit rebuilt cheapo. Carefully install the converter while supporting the weight to avoid damage to the front pump seal. (can't exactly recall, as I read that tip in here too a few years ago) Slide it on, rotate TC clockwise while lightly apply pushing pressure, and it should press in some more as the slits line up. 4. The SuperCase is an SFI certified transmission case for Powerglide, Turbo 400 and Turbo 350 transmissions. Step 4: Install 2-3 Shift Accumulator Cover and C-Clip. ATP Releases 25 New Numbers to Cable, Flexplate and Flywheel Categories ATP has released 25 new numbers in the Powertrain category including Automatic and Manual Transmission Shift, Detent, Accelerator and Clutch Cables, along with Automatic Transmission Flexplates and a Manual Flywheel. gear selector in neutral but converter doesnt spin freely as per TCI instructions? spins one The following procedure should be followed to completely and correctly install the torque converter. Turbo-350 – Turbo-400 – Turbo 700R4: Refer to Illustration 1 on turbo type transmissions. They should be slightly below the top edge of the sun shell. Engine and transmission swapping is the heart of car crafting. ft. Today, SunCoast has grown to over forty employees and over 70,000 sq. It features six forward gears and fully programmable automatic or manual shifting for improved acceleration and fuel economy at cruising speeds. All Powerglide parts bolt right into the new TCI® case. We have been adding products as we have the chance to. Replace it now if its more than a few years old, or is leaking. When i add washers in opposite way of the imbalance weight it is getting better. TCI offers the perfect solution for street cruisers who want excellent street performance and long lasting durability. Upon expiration, the units must be returned to ATI for inspection and recertification. CARiD is your top source for a vast selection of TCI torque converters, shifters, transmissions, flexplates and many other technologically-advanced products. On Vortec engines with a cast aluminum oil pan, torque the lower transmission mounting bolts (threading into the oil pan) to 33 ft/lb. TCI® - Transmission Build TCI® - Catalog TCI® - Mid Mount Plate with Integral Flexplate Shield Installation Instructions TCI® - FAQ TCI Authorized Dealer $312. The bolt on the side, not the front, of the TC is probably a drain plug. Aftermarket Chevrolet and Pontiac machined flywheels are . 9844 email: info@powermastermotorsports. I would think that if you attempted to install it the other way, the gear would be tight against the block wouldn't it? This TCI® Product Spotlight explains what a flexplate is and details its main functions. Equipped with a TCI manual/automatic valve body, most units allow you to manually shift the vehicle into each gear change or, by placing it in the drive position, remain The TCI Flexplate Shield (PN 940000) has a much more straightforward installation. If converter has drainplug be sure access hole is lined up in flexplate 3) Shove it all in place – adjust motor angle if need be with wood blocks under oil pan ATI Ford Flexplates with 164 teeth have an 11-7/16” bolt circle, and flexplates with 157 teeth have a 10-1/2” bolt circle for Ford converters. This machined flexplate is for GM LS Series engines (4. Fits internally balanced Chevy 4. 4. TCI Pontiac SFI Flexplate-166 Tooth 2. I compared my flexplate with other 28 OZ and 50 OZ and i am 99% sure i have the 28 OZ. 151 Industrial Dr. "A" must be greater than "B". Symbols in Text Many operating and safety instructions are supported by illustrations. At its core, the flexplate is a simple metal disk that bolts between the crankshaft and torque converter with a ring of teeth that is engaged by the starter to physically spin the engine during cranking. TRANS INSTALLATION 1) Lift trans to block 2) Line up with dowls, line up converter with flexplate holes. TCI Street/Race Transmissions are strong enough to withstand the rigors of the toughest street machines with some models capable of handling up to 450 horsepower and others capable of up to 550 horsepower using pump gasoline. • Apply enough engine oil on the piston ring, ring groove and piston side surface. 6/5. The TCI Diablo Shifter is one of the most versatile shifters on the market today. measured the distance from bellhousing to converter pads and it was good. Ensure the factory washer is installed as shown. The TCI 399753 flexplate fits 1998 and newer F-bodies with LS1 engine as well as ’99 and newer GM trucks with 4. It attaches using the bellhousing bolts, and has a notch cut out for the transmission dipstick. 062" [1. Should be approx 3/8" if I remember correctly. In the event that the car's flex plate is cracked or otherwise damaged, replacement of the old part will be absolutely essential before the vehicle can be driven. 18 Update. Mancini Racing appears to have the correct 10 inch bolt pattern flex plate which I'm trying next. TCI GM LS Flexplate 399753. 37,122 likes · 18 talking about this · 129 were here. Install Torx bolts and alternately torque the bolts to 80-95 inch pounds (9. Both have factory installed 10-3/4” & 11-1/2” bolt circles for GM converters but only the 10-3/4” bolt circle is usable for the 157 tooth flexplates due to ring gear interference. We've highlighted a number of the key steps here. Install Solenoid Install the TCI solenoid over the new brake valve. tci flexplate installation instructions

Tci flexplate installation instructions